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Medetai Tsuruta (hereinafter referred to as “us, we, our, the web, the website”) recognizes the importance of personal information.  This privacy policy defines our privacy policies to protect personally identifiable information while offering quality customer services.

Personal Information

Personal information of customers includes name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and any other information that might be able to identify a particular individual. Only necessary personal information is obtained through the online contact form.

Use of Personal Information

We only use obtained personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Enhance customer convenience, and provide appropriate service in a timely manner.
  2. Survey to improve our website.
  3. Respond to customer comments and inquiries.
  4. Other cases that associate with the above-mentioned.


We will contact separately in the event we need to use personal information for purposes other than the ones described above.

Personal Information Sharing and Disclosure

Obtained personal information will not be disclosed to any third party, except in the following cases.

  1. With a customer consent
  2. Legally required by laws
  3. Impossible to identify an individual

Management of Personal Information

We will assign the personal information management officer to properly manage and protect the personal information. We have internal security measures in place in the event of data loss, destruction, alteration, and breaches. Should data breach occur, we will promptly manage the situation.

Other Disclaimer

Our site contains third party contents and services from websites via a link. Any links or other websites have their separate privacy policies and are not subject to this privacy policy. We do not assume any liability nor responsibility for the content of third party websites or actions of any third parties.

We can update the privacy policy at any time. When a change of privacy policy content is posted on the website, it is considered that all customers have acknowledged and accepted the changes.

Personal Information related inquiries

Please direct any personal information related questions, opinions and concerns to Tsuruta Town Office by submitting the contact form. If it is urgent, please call us.


Tsuruta Town Office

Address 200-1 Hayase Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3595
Tel 0173-22-2111
Fax 0173-22-6007
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Population: 14,179 (as of Aug 2012)
Sister City: Hood River, Oregon, USA
Municipal Tree: Japanese Pine
Municipal Flower: Apple Blossom
Municipal Bird: Japanese Red-crowned Crane
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Tsuruta Town Office

Tsuruta Town Office
Address: 200-1 Hayase Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3595
TEL:0173-22-2111FAX:0173-22-6007MAIL:Fill out the contact form

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