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Cherry Blossom Festival at Tsuru no Mai BridgeBeautiful cherry-blossom-colored Tsugaru Fujimi Lake

Cherry Blossom Festival is held annually during the Golden week holiday (usually around the end of april or beginning of May) at Tsugaru Fujimi Park by Tsugaru Fujimi Lake. Exciting events such as National Crucian Fishing Tournament, Marathon around Fujimi Lake and National Karaoke competition at Tsuru no Mai Bridge are held during the festival.
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National Crucian Fishing Tournament at Tsugaru Fujimi LakeCalling all fishing fans

National Crucian Fishing Tournament is an event of Cherry Blossom Festival which is held during the Golden week holidays at Tsugaru Fujimi Lake.
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Marathon around Tsugaru Fujimi LakeScenic view of cherry blossoms and beautiful lake

Marathon around the Tsugaru Fujimi Lake is one of the main events held on the last day of Cherry Blossom Festival at Tsugaru Fujimi Lake.
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Tsuruta Festival (Celebration of Water and Fire)Summer festival with lots of events

Tsuruta Festival (Celebration of Water and Fire) is held annually in mid-August in central Tsuruta and at Fujimi Lake Park.
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Nebuta ParadeCelebration of Fire

Nebuta parade is held during Tsuruta Festival. Nebuta is accompanied by live Japanese orchestra, large Taiko drum and Yosakoi soran dancers.
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Fireworks / Ryujinsen paradeSpectacular fireworks and Ryujinsen over Fujimi Lake

Fireworks at Tsugaru Fujimi Lake is one of the main events of the annual Tsuruta Festival (Celebration of Water and Fire) which is held in mid-August.
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Tsugaru dialect competition by foreign youthA round of applause for humorous performances

Tsuruta has been promoting Tsuru (crane) as its name suggests and Kokusai Koryu (International cultural exchange) between locals and foreigners.
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Spring & Fall UTAGELight up the world

Tsuruta Hagemasu Kai (Bald Head Lovable) holds “UTAGE” meeting that consists of lots of fun activities including suction-cup-tag-of-war, guess-who’s-head-is-this quiz, song parodies, humorous poems and more.
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Regional Cultural Asset : YayoigaA prayer for rich harvest

Yayoiga (Yayoi art) is an artwork made by use of natural-colored grains like black beans, red beans, rice and other seeds. The purpose of Yayoiga is to pray for rich harvest.At the present time, Tsuruta is the only town in Japan which has been keeping the Yayoiga tradition.
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Crane kite flyingCrane kite flying in the sky

In the past, Tsuruta had no crane habitat. Tsuruta heard about Tsurui Village in Hokkaido which promoted its town with crane kites. After Tsuruta contacted Tsurui about the kite, Tsurui gave Tsuruta not only the crane kite, but also the blueprint of the crane kite so that Tsuruta could create its own.
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