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Tsurunomaibridge story

When villages are colored with sprouts of gorgeous spring, Tsugaru region becomes a wetland. The surface of rice paddy fields shine like a mirror.
Towards the end of spring, the reflection of snow covered Mt. Iwaki on Mawarizeki Otameike resembles a lady wearing a shawl of lace.

Directions to Tsuru no Mai Bridge & Tsugaru Fujimi Lake

Request from the Tsuruta Town

We have received reports from residents in the Fujimi Lake Park area that several visitors to the area have been entering private property without permission.
Please do not enter the fields surrounding Fujimiko Park, they are private property. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Population: 14,179 (as of Aug 2012)
Sister City: Hood River, Oregon, USA
Municipal Tree: Japanese Pine
Municipal Flower: Apple Blossom
Municipal Bird: Japanese Red-crowned Crane
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