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Café & Light meal

MANA house Ⅱ

Business Hours 11:00~21:00(Last order 20:00)
Closed Sundays
Tel 080-5744-5257
Address 116-4 Oimatsu Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Business Hours 11:00~20:00
Closed Mondays, 1st &3rd Tuesdays of the month
Tel 080-3146-3061
Address 1F 38-9 Maeda Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Coffee Ishimura

Business Hours 10:00~20:00
Closed Sundays
Tel 0173-22-2851
Address 127-2 Oimatsu Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Tel 0173-22-6307
Address 55-31 Aihara Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Business hours 10:00~16:00(closing time vary)
Closed Vary
Closed for winter End of November through March
Tel 0173-22-5602
Address 81 Osawa Mawarizeki Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3542(MAP


Munakata Ice Cream

Business Hours 7:00~18:30
Closed for winter December through February
Tel 0173-22-2845
Address 47-6 Takanoo Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Kanayama Kashi

Tel 0173-22-3047
Address 216-14 Hayase Tsuruta, aomori 038-3503(MAP

Okashi Kobo TATSUYA

Open 365 days
Tel 0173-22-7161
Address 121-2 Oimatsu Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Business Hours 10:00~20:00
Tel 0173-23-1880
Address 309-1 Koizumi Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Chinese Restaurants

Tsuru no Tamago

Business Hours 11:00~21:30
Tel 0173-22-6901
Address 537-1 Koizumi Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Chinese Restaurant Banryu

Business Hours 10:30〜18:00
Tel 0173-22-4993
Address 176-1 Satomi Sakai Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3524(MAP

Diners (Shokudo)

Ramen Yatai

Tel 0173-22-2206
Address 57-13 Hayase Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Mikami Shokudo

Tel 0173-22-6187
Address 4-11 Takanoo Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Marudai Shokudo

Tel 0173-22-3412
Address 41-18 Maeda Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Tel 0173-22-5530
Address 62-3 Maeda Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Sasaki Tsuru Liquor Store

Tel 0173-22-3745
Address 122-4 Hayase Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Kagaya Seiniku (butcher) shop

Tel 0173-22-3848
Address 391-4 Aihara Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Shibutani Tsukemono (pickle) shop

Tel 0173-22-2453
Address 8-3 Higashida Tsurudomari Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3522(MAP

Super Market

Fresh Market Tamai

Fresh Market Tamai 9:00~19:00
Open 365 days
Tel 0173-22-3114
Address 107-1 Oimatsu Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3522(MAP

Superstore Tsuruta-Hood River Mall

Business Hours 9:00~21:00
Tel 0173-23-1147
Address 245-1 Nakaizumi Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Maeda Store in Tsuruta

Business Hours 9:00~22:00
Closed January 1st (new year’s day)
Tel 0173-22-6336
Address 236 Maeda Shobukawa Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3521(MAP

Izakaya (Bar) / Yakiniku (Barbeque)


Tel 0173-22-2988
Address 171-10 Hayase Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Izakaya Sawa

Tel 0173-22-7099
Address 117-25 Oimatsu Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP

Yoro no Taki

Business Hours 16:00~23:30
Tel 0173-22-6502
Address 216-22 Hayase Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3503(MAP


Business Hours Weekdays: Lunch 11:30~15:00 , Dinner 17:00~22:00
Weekends & holidays: 11:30~22:00
Open 365 days except December 31
Tel 0173-23-2989
Address 54-1 Shinobuta Yamamichi Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3515(MAP


Closed Sundays
Tel 0173-22-6305
Address 37-6 Ikeda Kurumidate Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3523(MAP


Shops at Fujimi Lake Park

Tel 0173-22-2111 (Tourism Industry Division, Tsuruta Town Office)
Address 81-150 Osawa Mawarizeki Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3542(MAP

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