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The most Steuben grape production in Japan

Around the time when Mt. Iwaki’s surface turns gold color, Winter Grape Tsuruta Steuben’s harvest season starts.

Glossy silky velvety grapes covered in morning dew. Local farmers are busy harvesting. It’s a typical sight in morning during the harvest season in fall.

steubengrapeTsuruta steuben

Steuben grapes from New York, USA

In 1975, Tsuruta adopted know-how of growing New York-born Steuben grapes as an alternative crop. Harvested Steuben grapes are stored in a temperature controlled climate that makes it possible for consumers to enjoy fresh products October through February.

Steuben grapes are slipskin grapes that are full of sweet and juicy flavor. Its sugar content is 22 °Bx, but gives refreshing after taste rather than overly-sweet aftertaste. It is rare to find a fruit that is fresh and sweet like Steuben grape. In general, fruits are not available during winter in Aomori, however, Steuben grapes are still fresh and available for consumers at a reasonable price. Steuben grapes are rich in polyphenols which prevent sickness and aging.

What is white substance covering surface of grapes?

The powdery-white coating on grape surface is called bloom. The bloom is a natural wax which grapes produce to protect itself against moisture loss and loss of freshness. There is no health risks associated with bloom and it is safe to be consumed.

Steuben grapes from New York, USAew York-born Steuben Grape

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