Tourism promotional event of Tsuruta, Aomori is coming to Tokyo on February 2, 2018!

Promotional event of Tsuruta, Aomori “Tsuruta no Ongaeshi”* will be held on February 2nd, 2018 (Fri) at Gyoko underground pathway (in front of Gyoko underground gallery) between Marunouchi building and Shin-Marunouchi building.
*The event is named after Japanese folklore “Tsuru no Ongaeshi – Crane’s return of a favor”.

Come explore more about Tsuruta and sample juicy delicious Winter Grape Tsuruta Steuben (available for purchase). Fun “Kyuban (suction cup) Tug of War” contest organized by Tsuruta Hagemasu Kai (Bald Head Lovable) will be held during the event as well.

Tourism promotional event of Tsuruta “3rd Tsuruta no Ongaeshi”

Where: Marunouchi Gyoko Marche x Aozora Ichiba (Farmers Market)
Gyoko underground pathway (in front of Gyoko underground Gallary) by Tokyo Station
Address: 2-4-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda, Tokyo

1. Introductory video clips about Tsuruta
Will be playing video clips about Tsuruta and proving brochures and handouts.
2. Sampling and a sale of Steuben grapes and other local items
Steuben grape farmers will be selling their products. Samples available.
3. Popular “Kyuban Tug of War” contest organized by Hagemasu Kai. This is a chance to go against Japan’s first Kyuban Tug of War winner.

We are currently looking for participants. Anyone, regardless of gender and age, is welcome! Registration required in advance to participate. Please apply ASAP!

Go against Japan’s strongest bald head!? “Kyuban Tug of War in Tokyo” is here!

Time: Qualifying – starting at 4pm / Final – starting at 5pm

Fee: Free

Application deadline: January 28, 2018 (Sunday)

How to apply: Fill out the form below and fax to 0172-26-7410 or
e-mail to

You may also use the form through following websites to apply.

*The event starting time may change depending upon the situation of the day.

*Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of gender and age, even if you are not bald-headed!

*Please note that registers who are late to the event will not be able to participate.

Sponsor: Tourism & Industry Division, Tsuruta Town Office, Aomori Prefecture

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Sister City: Hood River, Oregon, USA
Municipal Tree: Japanese Pine
Municipal Flower: Apple Blossom
Municipal Bird: Japanese Red-crowned Crane
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