Michi no Eki Tsuruta: Tsuru no Sato Aruja (Roadside station: Crane Village Aruja)Local Specialty products

Michi no Eki Tsuruta: Tsuru no Sato Aruja (Roadside station: Crane Village Aruja) opened as a social gathering place, and also functions as a regional and cultural exchange center.

Some of the popular items available for purchase include fresh juice and wine made from specialty Steuben grapes, bucket-sized Tofu and other oversized products made from local wheat and soy. Aruja offers a shipping option for seasonal produce so that visitors do not need to carry them home. Cantaloupe and watermelon during summer and Steuben grapes and apple during fall are popular souvenir choice among visitors.

Aruja is the one-stop destination for shopping, dining and social gathering for tourists and local residents.

Sell ​​local produce specialty products such as Michi no Eki (Roadside station): Crane Village Aruja
There are also break space in Aruja

What does “Aruja” mean?

The name”Aruja”, coined word, was created by combining Spanish word “Ala=Wing” and “Grulla=Tsuru(crane)”. Aruja means “wing of crane” and a prayer for future prosperity. Aruja also means “it’s here” and/or “found it” in Tsugaru dialect. The word “aruja” is a common Tsugaru dialect term used by people, both young and old; therefore, Aruja, the hard-to-forget term, was chosen for the name of Michi no Eki roadside station.


Specialty products

Sell ​​Tsuruta specialty products

More than 1,600 items are available including original products of Aruja and specialty products of Tsuruta.

Handmade products

Steuben grapes soft-serve ice cream

Enjoy soft serve Steuben grape ice cream, Daifuku Mochi, and other handmade items made of local produce.

Farmer’s Market

Sales , such as the morning picking vegetables and fruits of local farmers of Tsuruta

Business Hours: 8:00 – 18:00
Wide variety of locally harvested fresh vegetables and fruits, farm products, juice and more are available for purchase.


Steuben grapes dumplings


Chinese Restaurant Banryu – Aruja location

Business Hours : 10:30 – 18:00


Business Hours 9:00~18:00 (except restaurant and farmer’s market)
Closed January 1

Facilities available 24 hours

Parking 10 large-car spaces, 84 regular-car spaces (4 wheelchair spaces)
Public restroom Wheelchair accessible, equipped with baby seats and chairs


Address 176-1 Satomi Sakai Tsuruta, Aomori 038-3524
(Along the National Highway 339)
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