JR Gono LineRailway line: From Noshiro, Akita to Kawabe, Aomori

JR Gono Line is a railway line, operated by JR East, which runs from Higashi-Noshiro Station (Noshiro, Akita) to Kawabe Station (Inakadate, Aomori).  A railroad switching occurs at Kawabe Station which reverses the train’s traveling direction.

The journey starts at Higashi-Noshiro train station, along Yoneshiro River, through the countryside. Beautiful views of Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage Property and the Japan Sea can be seen as you travel into Aomori Prefecture. Journey continues along the rocky coastline and through paddy fields to terminus, Kawabe Station. JR Gono Line is very popular among tourists because of the amazing scenery along the journey. Often, however, due to bad weather especially in winter, trains are delayed or even cancelled.

Two JR Gono Line stations are located in Tsuruta; Mutsu Tsuruda Station and Tsurudomari Station.

  • Mutsu Tsuruda Station: Located at the heart of Tsuruta
  • Tsurudomari Station: Classic wooden station building
Landscape from Mutsu Tsuruta Station
Train to stop in Tsurudomari Station

Resort Shirakami

The Resort Shirakami is a limited-stop rapid service train operated by JR East. The Resort Shirakami runs from Akita to Hirosaki along the Gono Line and to Aomori along the Ou Line. Three round trip services run daily in different trainsets named Aoike, Buna and Kumagera.  Passengers will be amazed with beautiful views of Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage Property and Senjojiki, one of the most beautiful sunsets in Japan, while enjoying live Tsugaru Jamisen music.
* During the arrival and departure of the Resort Shirakami 5, the ticketing window may be closed.

Resort Shirakami

Train Schedules

Please visit JR East website for Train schedules and station information.
JR East website


Name JR Gono Line
Route Higashi Noshiro Station (Noshiro, Akita) to Kawabe Station (Inakadate, Aomori)
Line length 147.2km (91.5 miles)
Stations 43 (2 are located in Tsuruta)

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